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Baldwin B442

Baldwin B442

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The Baldwin B442 Vertical Piano
The Baldwin B442 is a decorator-style console model that has consistently remained one of the company’s most popular models since its introduction in 1936. The scale design of Baldwin's lifestyle consoles is based on more than 100 years of quality piano construction methods, offering classic styling and excellent performance that will fit perfectly into your decor. The B442's unique design features a soundboard and rib material made from spruce, and a precision notched bridge made from hard rock maple.

The most responsive touch
The carefully designed geometry of the B442's Full Blow™ Direct Stealth Action delivers an exceptionally responsive touch. The keys are made from solid spruce and are individually weighted. All of the corners of the keys are rounded and polished for an elegant, sophisticated look. The keys are also covered with a special coating that resists stains and chipping. The multi-ply pinblock is a variation of the one from Baldwin’s legendary concert grand pianos, and is constructed from premium hard rock maple and delivers unmatched tuning stability. Whether you’re a student, teacher or professional, the highly responsive action and note-for-note clarity of the B442 make it the best choice for players of all levels.

The 442 is available in Satin Cherry finish.

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